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Foreign full-time employees, part-time jobs, etc.New style job matching service

New style job matching service such as foreign full-time employees and part-time jobs

Example of registered jobs

  • Office job
  • Marketing / Sales management
  • Food and Beverages / Sales / Service job
  • Web development / Creative job
  • IT / Engineer
  • Professional / Specialist
  • Education / Childcare
  • Medical / Welfare / Long-term care
  • Construction / Civil engineering
  • Factory job / Logistics

Benefits of use

  • AI automatically matches with the desired conditions (no search required)
  • Online completion service that does not require visiting or face-to-face
  • Supporting immediate job changes and speedy job change activities
  • Full of job offers that can utilize language and specialized skills

The biggest feature

We understand the diverse needs of Japanese companies. We have a large number of excellent job offers that can utilize your strengths, such as specialized knowledge and language skills. Just register the necessary information, and the latest AI will comprehensively judge your experience, skills, language skills, etc. We will introduce you a wide range of jobs from part-time to exectutives. This service is ideal for those who want to get a perfct job or change your career in a short period of time.

Career sheet released
The latest AI matches
Job seeker
The more you enter your profile
The better matching accuracy will be
After registering, please write as much information as possible. The more information you provide, the easier for us to introduce you desired jobs. Not only matching service, but also we offer full support during your job hunting. We provide friendly service for those who are uneasy about finding a job in Japan.


Can I register even while I am in office?

You can register while you are in office. If you register the time to change jobs, we will start matching with companies according to your desired time.

What is the difference between regular employees, temporary employees, and contract employees?

Full-time employee:It is common to work full-time for the prescribed working hours without having a fixed employment period, and it is basically a long-term contract until the retirement age.

Contract employee:Fixed-term contract workers who work for a period set by the company. The contract period can be decided independently by each company, and the contract will be handed over each time.

Temporary employee:An employee who has an employment contract with an outsourcing company and is dispatched to another company. The employment period can be flexibly decided according to the circumstances and circumstances of each dispatching company, individual, and dispatched company.

I am in office, but I am worried about leakage of personal information.

The personal information (registration information) that we keep will be used only for the purpose of applying to the company that you wish to do. The hiring manager of the company manages employment appropriately, so we will not use it for any other purpose without the consent of the applicant.

I am not good at Japanese and it seems difficult to register information.

Don't worry! This site supports the languages of each country, and even if it is registered in your native language, it will be automatically translated on the system. In addition, the emails and company information you receive when you are scouted will be automatically translated into the registered language.

How long does it take to register?

Linking your LinkedIn or Facebook account will automatically reflect your experience, skills, qualifications, and other information, so it won't take long.

Is a resume necessary?

This site offers multiple resume templates. It is possible to create an appropriate career record according to the company you are applying for.